Friday, August 24, 2012

I finally finished my shawl for the KAL!

The back of my shawl with the tails tied in back.

The front of my shawl showing the asymmetrical tails.
After a bit of thought and worry, I finished the Rockefeller Shawl for Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL. I ran out of both yarns, but got an extra one of the dark gray (Color A) and begged for a remnant of the Opal Vincent van Gogh (Color B) from my friend Stacy. Even at that I had to modify the pattern for the second wing/tail. They were both supposed to look the same as the evenly striped one on the left above. In the end I actually like the modification better. I think it would have been too busy. I'm really pleased with it, and would definitely recommend knitting it. Just make sure you have more yarn. I think you need at least 525 yards of each to make it the way Stephen West designed it.

I've taken a short break from all the blanket squares, but only have about 5 left to knit. I will keep plugging away on them! I dread blocking all of the remaining ones (I've blocked only about 25 of them so far). 

Keep on knitting!