Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet Nestor the Knitting Elf!

I have been working on my own monster in preparation for our Monster Birthday Bash Contest. I finished him last week just in time to kick off the contest on Friday at our Friday Night Knit Club (FNKC) in the shop. My creation is a compilation and adaptation of pieces from patterns in The Big Book of Monsters by Rebecca Danger and several of her other downloadable patterns. To make him my own I added my own special pattern for pointy ears, two eye patches of differing sizes, and hair. I decided to turn my monster into an elf, since he "lives" in our shop. I thought a knitting elf in our shop would be more fun. (I think he could be responsible for some of the chaos that occurs there!) One of the things I really like about Rebecca's patterns is that each of her monsters has a story. I decided to write a story about my new little friend. I hope you enjoy it! 

Nestor the Knitting Elf 
Nestor lives in a warn and cozy yarn shop where he loves to hide in the yarn bins and under the tables and chairs. For his own entertainment, Nestor sometimes tosses a ball or two of yarn out of a yarn bin which scares the owners and customers. At night when Nestor tidies up the shop, he finds small balls of leftover yarn rolling around on the floor, misplaced knitting needles that rarely match, and runaway stitch markers that have lost their places. He stores his stash of special finds in his favorite hiding spot --- under the cushions of the overstuffed couch in the center of the shop. After years of living in the shop, Nestor learned to knit while hiding under the table during the beginning knitting classes. With a little bit of practice Nestor has knitted himself a somewhat holey sweater to wear when it's cold.

Keep on knitting!

P.S. So far we have quite a few people that have registered to make monsters for our contest. You can still join in on the fun! Just follow the links in the previous POST to get all the important information. Be sure to read the rules for making a monster and voting ... as well as winning!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Join us for the Monster Birthday Bash

Watch the video of Nancy and Megan and find out all about our Monster Birthday Bash Contest. Then be sure to follow all their directions for an adventure of fun!

We hope you enjoyed the message ... now click on the picture of the monster to get all the details and a set of rules for the "Monster Birthday Bash Contest". We've got a bunch of fun lined up for you, so keep checking the blog and read those Knitted Together Webmails.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Want to Help Japan?

Our hearts have been broken for the people of Japan. We can only imagine the pain and fear that they are living through right now with the earthquake, tsunami, and escalating nuclear disaster. Tim and I always say knitting has health benefits that can help knitters through stress and crisis. Well, in this case our good friend, Hey Jen Renee, has knitted this gorgeous wrap from Noro Taiyo that she bought at Knitted Together. She placed her wrap on ebay to auction it off to raise money for the Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami disaster relief efforts. Her beautiful gift of knitting will help the people of Japan in their time of crisis!

Be sure to check out Hey Jen Renee's blog and click on the ebay link to the auction. And if you are so led, please bid on her wrap, so that her small knitted act of kindness can give to Japan in a big way!

Keep on knitting, with a prayer for Japan in your heart!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Stripes Alive Sock KAL is ON!

I rushed right to my computer on Tuesday morning and immediately printed off Part 1 of KAL 3, the Stripes Alive sock pattern from Knit Purl Hunter. Rose's comment from my last posting is exactly right, it's like a month long present and you get something new to open every 7 days! I've never done a KAL on the web and it's proving to be lots of fun.

For those of you who haven't joined in, we have more of the March Trekking XXL yarn (you can see what the yarn looks like in the ball at the link above) coming in at the shop, so you can have as much fun as the rest of us. I'm sure it will arrive sometime next week; so far only one is spoken for. Here's a little peek at my sock on the needles...