Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My current obsession is ...

Sock yarn, sock yarn, and more sock yarn! For those of you who know me, this really isn't a surprise, but I can't seem to own enough sock yarn. I really love to knit socks, and I always have yarn left over. With my left-over sock yarn I've been knitting sock-blanket squares. Well, it's also the sock squares that I've been making that are feeding my current frenzy. That and all the new sock yarn that we've gotten in!

This month in our Thursday night Knit-Togethers at the shop we've been swapping 20-gram balls of sock yarn and then knitting squares for our own quilt-like blankets. I've made 16 squares out of the 63 I've decided are necessary for my blanket. That means I only have 47 to go! If I make only one square a week, I'll be done knitting them in less than a year! It takes me a couple of hours to make one square depending on what else I happen to be doing.

I've been knitting my squares on the magic loop. It's not that I'm dpn phobic, but it seems to go faster for me on an Addi 40-inch circular. (FYI: I'm using Size 1 needles which are equivalent to US Size 1.5.)

It's fun to see the sock yarn patterning of each square. The four squares shown below left are made from my left-over sock yarn. One day it'll be fun to have a memory of those socks attached to my blanket.

It'll be interesting to lay them all out before sewing the blanket together. I'm sure it will be fun keeping my cats off of them ... maybe I'll have to lay them out at the shop instead.

The sock yarn shown above left is from Opal and Regia. We might be able to get more of the yarn for the top two squares (both from Opal) and the yarn for the bottom left square is currently on backorder (Regia).

We're planning to do this as an open-ended swap and Knit-Together, so you may join us if you'd like!


Deb said...

Nancy, I love this idea! Especially since I tend to gift at least half of the socks I knit. What pattern are you using for the squares? This would be such a great quick stitch idea to just keep in one of my bags to take and go! As usual, you TOTALLY and ALWAYS inspire me.

k2tog said...

Deb, I'm using the Barn-Raising Quilt pattern from Knitalong Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together (pub: Stewart, Tabori & Chang). I think you can find something similar on Ravelry if you don't have the book.

Christia said...

That is awesome! I've not knit socks yet! It's definitely on my list of things to do, but I always find myself knitting longies!

Deb said...

Perfect Nancy! I've got that book!!