Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Carol's BIG Idea!

Our good friend and part-time employee, Carol, loves to knit shawls and wraps. She usually has at least one or two going at all times. When she wears them in our shop, everyone loves them. One reason Carol's shawls/wraps are so beautiful is that Carol is an artist. She taught art when she worked full time. But beyond that she has an artist's eye that our customers really appreciate.

Carol proposed that in 2010 we offer a Friday afternoon Knit Together from 1-3 pm here in the shop. Her plan consists of six 2-month long shawl/wrap projects. To make it more fun she made her idea even bigger by offering a virtual Knit Together that she will handle through my blog. She will introduce each project to blog readers here and on the Knitted Together group on Ravelry, where you will know her by the name of Wiz. Carol/Wiz is always the cheerleader for our group. She's a moderator there and I frequently hear from our customers who are on Ravelry that she always makes them feel good about their finished projects.

Watch for the next blog this week. Carol will be the guest blogger.

I hope you have a Happy New Year!


MamaLizKnits said...

Happy New Year, Nancy & Family. :)

heyjenrenee said...

what a great idea!

Kathlene said...

Looking forward to it. I always seem to get stuck and give up on shawls, yet I probably have yarn for 5 or 6 in my stash! Way to go, Wiz!

Deb said...

I am so glad there will be a virtual KAL...as one of K2Tog's devoted fans who lives half a country away!!!

Carol said...

From WIZ - Looking forward to seeing what happens with our Wrappers! Glad you'll be joining us.