Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crazy kitties!

What is it with cats? Have you ever noticed that if you lay your knitting down or decide to block something, your cat is all over it? I'm sure my cats aren't the only ones that do that.

Remember how we have been cleaning and organizing at our house this January? Well, the other day Katie cleaned her room and closet ... very thoroughly (thanks Katie). She found an old pair of ballet slippers that I felted for her a long time ago and dropped them on the counter in my bathroom. Of course I didn't bother to move them from that resting spot, so the other morning when I was getting ready to go to the shop, my cat Hughie (who follows me around like a puppy dog) was on the bathroom counter where the slippers were. Pretty soon Tim who was also getting ready noticed Hughie putting his front paws in the slippers. I ran and grabbed my cellphone and took this picture of him "wearing" those pink felted ballet slippers! A good laugh on Hughie is a great way to start my day!

Our good friend Debra sent us the picture below of her cat, Purl. Or at least the back half of Purl. Purl was hiding in the neck of Debra's Rowan Colourscapes sweater as it was blocking. Hmmmm ... I'm not sure, but maybe Debra shouldn't have blocked her sweater on Purl's bed! Silly kitty! Purl is also the kitty that likes to redecorate the house with Debra's yarn. She especially enjoys Debra's most expensive yarn to make "string" art throughout the house.

Does anyone have a good cat or dog story that relates to knitting or yarn? I'd love to hear them!

By the way, if Hughie looks familiar, he posed for my Ravelry avatar. Isn't he cute?



Kathlene said...

We live in the custody of 2 cats: Lucy, age 9 and Oliver, age 1. Lucy is the artist in the family. She has decorated our house with yarn so many times I've lost track. Her favorite room is my fiber room where yarn sits around in the open, like candy in a candy shop to a child. Her most creative effort was when she managed to wrap a skein of acrylic yarn around the legs of my grand piano several times before carrying it to our lower level family room, through the legs of a foyer table and back up the steps to the grand piano again. This all happened during the night. It must have been SOME FUN! She slept entire day away, the next day, presumably exhausted from all her efforts.

Erica said...

Our dog is convinced that I am being attacked when I knit and she trys to bite the needles while I knit.
Since is the not at all agressive it is really funny.