Friday, October 1, 2010

What inspires you to knit?

I'm taking a poll among readers. If you respond to this post and my poll question you will be entered in the drawing for one of the coffee cozy kits that I created for the last Friday Night Knit Club when our theme was coffee. (Starbucks came and took us on an amazing coffee tasting adventure.) The kit has yarn for two cozies included as well as two simple patterns.

My poll questions:
I'd like to know what inspires you to knit! What are you knitting, or what will you soon be knitting? Did the yarn, the pattern, or something else inspire you? Tell me what the pattern is and what yarn you're using
. Also be sure to include your email address, so I know how to get in touch with you if you are the winner of the kit.

On Friday afternoons in the shop we have had the Wrap Group which has taken on a new life since Carol left us. Today the women that were here talked about getting more knitters to join them at the shop from 1-3 on Fridays. We are currently mulling over some names for this group and will post it on the calendar on our website. I'm inviting you to join us on Fridays from 1-3 pm for knitting, conversation, friendship, and FUN!

Becky (one of the Friday afternoon gals) asked Tim for his salmon salad recipe. It was in our newsletter last year, but I decided that putting it into the blog makes it easier for everyone to get. This is really good and deserves to be here!

Tim's Grilled Salmon Salad
  • Salmon, grilled (we usually buy ours fresh from Waterfront Seafood Market)
  • Organic baby mixed greens
  • Thinly sliced sweet red onion
  • Thinly sliced sweet red or yellow bell peppers
  • Feta or blue cheese crumbles
  • Cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Avocado slices
  • Asparagus, grilled (optional)
  • Shoestring potatoes
  • Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette or Brasswell's Creamy Vidalia Onion dressing
Make a bed of the baby mixed greens. Add onion, peppers, cheese, avocado, tomatoes, and asparagus (if desired). Top with grilled salmon; then add a small pile of shoestring potatoes. Drizzle on dressing. Yum!


colleenrose said...

What inspires me to knit? Love! Often it's love for a person: socks for sister, mom, and of course dear hubby (I really despise knitting socks, but I know they all love wearing them!). I'm also currently working on a crocheted blanket in a "wedding ring" (common quilt pattern) design for my wonderful neighbors who got married this summer. Knitting a baby "sweetheart" pullover for my future (distant!) baby(s), and planning to knit some uber-warm, thrummed mittens for a dear friend who lives in Canada.

The #1 priority project right now is the socks for hubby, as his birthday is just 10 days away. I'm knitting them in solid black--Cascade's Heritage sock yarn, which is SOOOO soft (and inexpensive) :) The pattern is a simple 3x1 rib, toe-up.

This is Colleen (colleenrose on Rav). I was in at the shop today, and you probably know me best as one of "Anna's knitters". My email is crdawson714 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Avid Reader said...

I like to knit to be able to say I completed that project and because I so enjoy knitting.

I am currently knitting sweaters for my three granddaughters after the oldest daughter saw a sample in the store. Pattern is out of The Mirasol Collection book 7, Hen Harrier using Mirasol Hacho. I have two completed with one left.

I am then moving onto making two set of the felted slippers that are also on display at the store.

Lisa Reicks

Judy said...

I'm a fairly new knitter, so enjoy taking knitting classes. I'm currently taking a glove class at my local knit shop. The pattern is 'Fits Like a Glove' by Nancy Lindberg. The yarn is Silk Merino, the Diana Collection, Yarns Northwest. I also plan to knit a pair of socks for my husband, using a pattern by Diane Corson who teaches at Rosetree Fiber Shop. The yarn is Online Supersocke. This yarn was on sale, which added to my inspiration!
I am also inspired by seeing what my frinds are knitting, asking what yarn and pattern they are using. I love seeing ideas on the Ravelry website. I also love seeing ideas on your website and at your shop. I have enjoyed the WRAP GROUP patterns, advice, yarn suggestions, pictures,everything! Thank you! Judykp
My email is

zoezany said...

I am so inspired by seeing others' finished projects, whether on Ravelry, or in a magazine. When I see something I really like, I am determined to try to make it, even if there are many new things I have to learn to do so. My latest finished project was a sweater for my little boy, which was my first sweater ever, and now I am working on a vest for myself that I found in VogueKnitting. I love the challenge of learning new skills, and to see what I have accomplished when it all comes together. The yarn called for in the vest I am making just happened to be on sale in the store too - so I had to get it! It was a different color than I had planned, but now that I am working with it, I really love it!
The baby sweater I knit was called Candlestick, which is a free pattern on Ravelry. I used Cascade Yarns Sierra #429 (Navy) and #03 (Ecru) that I got at Knitted Together. I enjoyed it so much I also got some in orange (instead of the Navy) to do in a larger size for him. The vest I am working on right now is #21 Cabled Vest by Norah Gaughan from Vogue Knitting Fall 2010. I am using Berroco Peruvia Quick in boysenberry. And next in line is a sweater I really loved from Interweave Knits called the Leyfi Pullover. I am using the yarn that was used in the pattern for that: Filatura Di Crosa Golden Line Superior and Tahki Yarns Tinka.
Every time I knit I think about how it will all look when I get it together and finished, and that is what also inspires me.

Tasha said...

Inspiration: I love being creative. I have about a million ideas in my head that I would love to sit down and knit. Beautiful yarn also inspires me as I love all of the textures and colors. My other inspiration is some cash as I had a friend request a few items for purchase!

Currently knitting: I just finished my second knit hat. I also created a crochet pattern for a beard to attach to said hat. And I am waiting for 15mm circular needles so I can make yet another hat out of my super bulky Malabrigo yarn!!

The pattern is "Turn A Square" by Jared Flood and I am using the Berocco Comfort. I have been wanting to make more hats and the request for the "beard hats" pushed me over the edge. Plus, the pattern is very simple, yet very cool!! The beard hats are on my needles by request, so normally a pattern on ravelry will inspire me... though I tend to buy yarn with only a whisper of an idea in my head of what it will be when complete. I have a special soft spot for Malabrigo yarn, too....

I'm sure the contest is over as it is a month later... however, this is Tasha Wells and my email is You may also have me listed at the same email with