Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The monsters have arrived in full force!  They are decorating our shelves as we speak!  They are fun and interesting and we love having them around.  Now it is your turn to join in on the fun!  Take a moment to look at each monster and read their stories.  Then to cast your vote, just leave a comment on this post with your full name and the number of the monster you want to win!  Voting ends Wednesday April 27th, 2010.

#1 - Terror Byte
Terror Byte is a computer monster.  He has a long (and large) memory since he is a descendent of the terabyte (a trillion bytes of memory).

Terror lives in a medium-sized office with no IT Department.  He saves the office money by working on the computers at night when all the humans have gone home.  Even though he does a good job, the humans sometimes call in the outside IT guy who is stumped that mysteriously the nicest administrative assistants have the largest amounts of memory on their computers.

Terror does get hungry after all this work and raids the candy dish at the receptionist's desk or the refrigerator in the kitchen.  The humans get a little grumpy at times wondering who ate their snacks or leftovers from lunch.  They also spend a lot of time trying to figure out who leaves empty pop cans in the sink, when they are sure things were cleaned up when they went home.

After his snack, Terror likes to surf the web.  His favorite site is Ravelry where he likes to PM with other monsters.  If you ever have an encrypted message, it is most likely Terror and any monsters on your project page chatting.  After a busy night, Terror climbs on the shelf of the nicest administrative assistant and sleeps during the day until all the humans go home.


#2 - Clarabella the Knitting Monster
Clarabelle loves to be fancy and she loves to knit. If she is not carefully watched, she will break into your stash and begin using your fanciest luxury yarn for one of her own projects. She was recently caught using Kidsilk Haze to make herself a scarf. Other than the yarn stealing proclivities, she is a great knitter’s companion. She never tires of knitting, discussing knitting, or planning projects. Just keep track of your stash…



#3 - Tanga the Yarn Barf Monster


#4 - Irvette G. Grape, The Dancing Ice Cream Monster

Irvette is the little entertainer with a big smile. Frequently confused with her twin brother, Irving the Ice Box Monster, she’s looking to make a name for herself. When Irvette’s not in the ice box eating ice cream with Irving, she can be found day dreaming about dancing in the spotlight or rummaging through her closet in search of her favorite tutu. Danger, Danger Twinkle Toes! Eating all the ice cream will add weight to your hinder putting your dreams on hold and your dancing career in jeopardy.


#5 - Irving the Icebox Monster
Irving, known in some mafia circles as Irv the Instigator, is really a very sweet monster despite his more infamous connections. Contrary to the wild rumors circulating in the Knitted Together community, he’s never done time in prison and has no tattoos.

Irving spends most of his time not in the icebox (or refrigerator, in this country), but by the range, whipping up countless delectable egg-based delights for whichever monsters happen to stop by. He has an enormous crush on Kat the Kitchen Monster, who seems to always be annoyed with him because she is always one egg short when she wants to bake. Their compatibility problem is simple – Irving is a frittata fanatic. So Irving uses a LOT of eggs. Kat loves to bake, so she needs a lot of eggs too. Poor Kat always finds herself one egg short. Kat is too nice to blame Irving outright and Irving has too big of a crush on Kat to admit to using her eggs. Poor Irving is also an insomniac, so he sits awake at night, worrying about what to do about Kat, the eggs, and the mafia rumors!

Does anyone else think that Irving should get a Costco membership and invite Kat on a date? They could buy dozens of eggs at a time and live happily ever after.

#6 - Mama Monster
Mama Monster has 2 kids, 1 kid on the way, and a bad dye-job. (She tried to get the dye-job fixed, but she couldn’t find a sitter.)

Mama Monster is so highly-evolved that she has grown a third arm and a pair of eyes in the back of her head, and she has caffeine coursing through her monster veins. Despite these additional maternal features, she is still exhausted and can’t keep up with the laundry.


#7 - Bunny Nuggets & Coco the Canister Monster


#8 - Rita and Reggia, Mommy and Baby Monsters
Rita slips on her new purple shoes, tucks her baby boy Reggie in her big purple pocket and skips into the forest. They are off to spend the day at their favorite place, “The Veiled Gardens”; a secret place where only happiness occurs!

When they reach the gardens, Reggie hops out of Rita’s pocket. Rita joins the other mommies who are sitting in the shade, under the yellow roses. They talk and laugh and sing! They nibble on rosemary biscuits and sip green tea!

Reggie plays with his mini monster friends. They climb in the lilac bushes; chase butterflies with the fairies; and, under the hosta leaves, play hide and seek with the elves.

The air is filled with laughter! A truly magical day!


#9 - Zoe Noel
Hi, my name is Zoe Noel. I’m a girly girl and I love to smile! I like it when Mom paints my nails. Sometimes I pretend I am a prima ballerina (I just learned how to do the splits!). When I play ballerina, I put on my tutu, hair bow and make-up. Do I have too much blush on?


#10 - Fabien the Monster

Fabien is originally from France.  He grew up in a small Chocolate shop in Paris.  One day while 'borrowing' some chocolate, the owners dog Jacque came galloping in. Fabien quickly hid in a box.  The next thing he knew the box was being tapped up and he was off on an adventure.   Luckily for Fabien he had a whole box of chocolate to keep him full on the long trip to the United States.  When he arrived in the Iowa he quickly jumped out of the box.  The person that ordered the box of Chocolate was very surprised to find all of his chocolate eaten. 


#11 - Mr. & Mrs. K2tog
Mr. & Mrs. K2tog weren’t always monsters…

It was a Friday night and the misses told her dear husband she was going to the Friday Night Knit Club at Knitted Together. He narrowed his eyes and reminded her of her recent promise.  I will not purchase yarn until I use up my stash. She repeated her promise, said good-bye, and headed for the door.

Mr. K2tog watched her drive to the end of the street and slowly walked to the room now affectionately known as “the yarn room”. He hung his head… she would surely return home with more yarn. He lifted his head and whispered a tease to the heavens: “If she returns with new yarn let us both be turned into yarn crazy monsters!”

Mrs. K2tog was now at the FNKC fondling all of the lovely yarn with her friends. She told them of her promise to her husband and how she was going to be good for a while. She managed to get to her chair with nothing in her hands, but that’s when it happened… across the room… that gorgeous purple and blue… it must be Malabrigo! And it was! All was lost.

Upon returning home Mrs. K2tog hung her head in shame and dropped her new yarn on her husband’s lap. She explained, “It’s Malabrigo, there was a sale, it’s for a gift…”, but before she could finish she was looking at a yellow ball of yarn that resembled a monster… and her husband!  A yarn faerie then appeared before them and explained her husband’s wish. Mr. and Mrs. K2tog would now be yarn crazy monsters until the misses stash was no longer beautiful balls of yarn, but dazzling finished projects. 

...but I guess they might be monsters for a while!


#12 - Kat


#13 - Nigel the Night Light Loving Monster

Nigel is a very shy and quiet monster; you might even call him bookish.  He makes himself at home next to your nightlight and passes the nighttime hours reading.   Nigel is well read on every subject from Amigurumi to Quiviut.   To take advantage of the best light for reading, Nigel stacks up his favorite books next to the nightlight.  It makes both a comfy place to rest and a way to quickly reference his favorite knitting topics.   He never ventures far from the nightlight because Nigel is afraid of the dark.   (Shhhhh!  Don't tell the other monsters!  Nigel doesn't want them to know.   All the little monsters at his old house knew and they would replace the nightlight bulbs with burnt out bulbs just to tease him.  It made him very unhappy.)   I occasionally find that Nigel leaves the nightlight on during day....usually when he falls asleep reading in the early morning light.   It doesn't bother me, because I'm afraid of the dark too!  


VOTE NOW BY COMMENTING ON THIS POST WITH YOUR FULL NAME AND NUMBER OF THE MONSTER YOU WANT TO WIN!  Don't forget there is a "Voter's Drawing" as well! Check out all of the detail and rules on our website.

Also, remember that there are other ways to vote! You can vote once on the Knitted Together facebook page and once in the store.  Although you can earn an additional vote for every purchase you make during the voting period! 


Cindy said...

Some cute monsters! My vote goes to Tanga the Barf Monster because tangles truly are barf monsters!!

Cindy McClain

Carebear said...

Carrie Cavanaugh - #11!

Sherri said...

Sherri Bogue #6 mama monster- love her cute kids and one big eye- or is that a black eye a kid accidently gave her when thrashing around?

irene said...

i'm voting for #4. the ice cream got me and she is soooo cute.

irene erker

VeronicaMade said...

I vote for #5, Irving the Icebox Monster.

Veronica Koh Eischeid

Cheriemax said...

Cherie Maxson
They are all soooo cute and clever!

Mbellish Vintage said...

Everyone did a great job but, I vote for #13.......Melissa Landon

Kathy said...

I vote for #13 Nigel

Laura said...

Laura Fields - I vote for mama monster, #6.

DONNA said...

All the Monsters are adorable but my choice is #3 - Tanga the Yarn Barf Monster.

My name is Donna Waring

Deb said...

Deb Nelson is going with #2

Melissa said...

I love #6, Mama Monster!!

Rose said...

Rose Limke - I vote for #1.

Bethannp said...

Beth Porter

Anonymous said...

I vote for #6.

Lisa Houchins

Susan Kuyper said...

Terror Byte gets my vote!

amyroggenburg said...

Amy Roggenburg would LOVE to win #3 !!! They are all amazing!

Shannon Linser said...

I vote for the Mama Monster. Adorable!

Shannon Linser

Deb said...

I love #13 Nigel the Night Light Loving Monster

Deb Hendricks

Sherrie said...

I vote for #6 mama monster. What great entries! Sherrie sherrietraveling at gmail dot com

Diann said...

Diann Egeland - I vote for Monster #3 Tanga.

cucreek said...

#4 Irvette G. Grape the Dancing Ice Cream Monster. I might actually make this for the next grandchild if we find out it's a girl. A grandma can give a monster to a grandchild can't she? Gretchen Van Walbeek

Chantelle said...

#4 - Irvette G. Grape, The Dancing Ice Cream Monster

It's like they put my 3 year old in Monster form. Always dawning a tutu, she would eat ice cream for every meal if we let her. And her favorite color happens to be purple. She and I LOVE this monster.

Chantelle Morone

BlueGate said...

Jill Beebout

Ann said...

#3 Tanga gets my vote for the best little monster out there...she loves YARN!!! Ann Wilbur

k2tog said...

I need full names of Kathy, Melissa and Sherrie (traveling at gmail dot com). Your vote won't count if we can't verify you are in our system at the shop. Thank you. You will know who you are in the comments above because there's no full name given.

Cynthia said...

Irvette G. Grape (#4)

Love the colorful nature of this ice cream eating monster!

Cynthia Foulke

Holiday said...

I vote for #3- Tanga the Yarn Barf Monster!! (holley backus)

Nannette said...

#6 Mama Monster

Renee Petrie said...

Everyone of these monsters are fantastic but I will have to place my vote for #9 - Zoe Noel!

Terri said...

#4 Fun colors & story! Has personality.
Terri Bailey

She's Gone A-Wall said...

Showing the MamaLove. #6 gets my vote!
-Ingrid Stukerjurgen

Ann said...

All of the monsters are wonderful, but my vote goes to #4 Irvette. How do you knit a tutu? - Ann Gilbert

Brenda said...

I vote for #5, cute monster and cute story - Brenda Hall

~Miranda said...

I vote for #13, Nigel. I love that he is afraid of the dark! :)
~Miranda Gauthier

heavenlyacres said...

The stories are just as wonderful as the monsters themselves! That said, I vote for #3, Tanga the Yarn Barf Monster.
Krista Woodard

Webbies said...

My vote is for #4- Beth Webb

mengle said...

#9 Zoe Noel
Megan Engle

Beverly said...

It was so hard to decide, but my vote is going for #8.

Beverly Kilman

Marsha said...

Marsha Duea -#4 gets my vote.

They are all adorable - hard to choose. Good luck to all monsters.

Robin said...

OMgosh, these are so adorable! I think they are all really cute, but having been a dancer for many years, I'd have to say my fave is the little ballerina monster - I've known a few of those... :)

colleenrose said...

I just love the cute story behind Mr. & Mrs. K2tog, so #11 is my vote!

Colleen Dawson

Anonymous said...

I am ALL OVER #3, Tanga the yarn barf monster -- LOVE her!

Lauren Benson

Pat Bates said...

My vote is for #9 Zoe Noel
Pat Bates

Kim said...

#5, Irving the Instigator! Unrequited love for Kat the Kitchen Monster and a possible mafia connection? Great stuff!

Kim Moore

Dawn said...

I vote for Nigel!

Dawn Mooradian

Ashley said...

I vote for #11 the monster couple!

Anonymous said...

Such a true story... my #11!

Denise Louis said...

My vote is for #2 - Clarabella the Knitting Monster.

Denise Louis

tisa j. said...

Tisa Johnson--#6!