Sunday, September 11, 2011

Customer Profile: Renee Petrie

Note: You may have been directed here from our September Newsletter. It was written by Renee as the first of her monthly Customer Profiles for our newsletter. Stay tuned each month for another profile!

Profile of Renee (Ravelry name: BobIsMyCat) Petrie

Things I want you to know about me: I am married to a wonderful and patient man named Jim. We have two daughters, Elizabeth and Traci, two cats named Bob and Arthur and one wiener dog named Wiener Dog (we like to simplify things at our house). My grandmother taught me to knit when I was in high school. She tried to teach me to crochet but that didn't work out so well for either of us. I like to read. I like to go for walks. I like to travel. I like Post-Its. I like wine --- red --- and in large quantities. I like free kittens (NO! THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION TO DROP YOUR CATS OFF AT MY DOOR!). I like to laugh. Laughs that make me snort out loud. Laughs that make my stomach hurt and even make me pee a little.

What I like best in my life is to walk through my door and be greeted by my family with smiles on their faces that indicate they are genuinely glad to see me, or at least if that ever happens for me I imagine I would like that... And I like to look over in the corner and see my old friends waiting for me. Those old friends with the sharp pointy tips resting contentedly in a ball of yarn.

Current projects I am working on are the Pleated Arm Warmers from Modern Top-Down Knitting by Kristina McGowan. I'm using a beautiful gray in Mirasol Nuna. I'm also itching to get started on the Kilter Hat by Alexander Tinsley. That will be done in Araucania Yelcho, a gorgeous, gorgeous yarn.

See you next month. And I will be bringing a new Knitted Together friend with me.

Oh! And P.S. I like jelly beans.