Friday, November 25, 2011

Fall/Winter Sweater Contest VOTING!

It's voting time once again! The Fall/Winter Sweaters have all been turned in and the selection is BEAUTIFUL! We have posted a picture of each sweater here on the blog (although we highly recommend coming into the store to see them because they are so beautiful and the pictures don't always show their details).  To cast your vote, just leave a comment on this post with your full name and the number of the sweater you want to win!  Voting ends Friday December 2nd, 2011.









VOTE NOW BY COMMENTING ON THIS POST WITH YOUR FULL NAME AND NUMBER OF THE SWEATER YOU WANT TO WIN!  Don't forget there is a "Voter's Drawing" as well! Check out all of the detail and rules on our website.

We know that we revised the voting period so don't forget that you can vote once on the Knitted Together facebook page and once in the store.  Although you can earn an additional vote for every purchase you make during the voting period! You now have until FRIDAY DECEMBER 2nd!


Mbellish Vintage said...

Love #3. But all the sweaters are fabulous. It was hard to choose. I finally had to do eeny-meeny-miny-mo!

Anonymous said...

I vote for #3. They are all just beautiful!

Lisa Houchins

irene said...

Gotta go with #8 just cuz I would really love to be at the beach :-) . Irene erker

Stephanie said...

It was a tough decision for me, but I'm going to vote for #3. The lace detailing on the back is exquisite! I would have liked to see what the front looks like too, however.

Mommy-moto said...

I'm Erin L. Mumm and I approve #6!

Kim said...

I would like to "sail away" with #8! Kim Moore

Terry Hatfield said...

#3 is beautiful. I love the pattern on the back.
Beth Waage

Jane Christenson said...

This is Jane Christenson, and I'm voting for #3. I started this sweater pattern a couple of months ago and was so excited to see it in the shop today -- it's just beautiful!

Brenda said...

I love the colors in #2; nicely done. -Brenda Hall

Deb Hendricks said...

I vote for #4. They are all beautiful
Deb Hendricks

Theresa Kehoe said...

This is my first time voting.
Theresa Kehoe - they all are great
I'll go with my initial reaction #3 I'll make sure to come in and view all of them in person.

Rose said...

I vote for #2. Rose Limke

Sarra Elisabeth said...

My vote is definitely for #3.

Carebear said...

Carrie Cavanaugh

Ann said...

Ann Gilbert votes for #5. they're all really great.

Anonymous said...

I vote for #2.
~Tasha Wells

Barbara Anderson said...

All are beautiful! I vote for #6

Barbara Anderson

Elizabeth said...

All of the sweaters are beautiful, hats off to all of the contestants! Such a tough decision,voting for #1, I'd wear that in a minute! So chic!

Elizabeth Suther

Marsha said...

I vote for #2 -- Marsha Duea

Dawn said...

I vote for #3

Dawn Mooradian