Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cat Fights at Our House

From left to right: Louie and Hughie on my lap 2 weeks ago!
When our female cat Allie died in January the vet said that we might notice a battle between our two male cats for ruler of the house. We didn't notice anything at all until last week. Hughie and Louie are litter mates, so have been together forever. They turned 9 at the end of March. The boys (as we often refer to them), have playfully wrestled and fought for years, but in a nice way if that's possible?! Early last week after I fed them breakfast, Louie started attacking Hughie. 

Louie caught in the act of cleaning, put on his evil eyes :)
You know how cats have a special person that they respond to, well I'm Hughie's person, so now anytime Hughie gets up on my lap or comes near me Louie just comes close and shows Hughie his "evil" eyes and makes a funny sound and away they go. Poor Hughie is looking a bit haggard with all the cat drama. We are hearing a whole lot of hissing from Hughie, plus thundering cat paws chasing through the house. Good news for Hughie is he is much smaller than Louie and he can hide behind our low profile king-size bed and the wall. Louie won't fit. 

Hughie is hiding his eyes from Louie!
Last evening it occurred to me that a week ago we started giving Louie a new medicine for his constant upper respiratory problem (sneezing and coughing) and I noticed it's labeled "for canine use only"! I told Tim maybe Louie is having a really strange side effect that makes him think he's a dog ... and what do dogs like to do? Chase cats! 

Hopefully things will calm down really soon!

Keep on knitting!