Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm getting ready for Christmas

I have to thank Rose the Sock Maniac for her guest blog last week! I've been really busy with the shop and was struggling to get a blog posted. Rose thought you might like to see her recent sock yarn organization. Her husband built some modular shelving for her and she's filled it in with her sock yarn collection. Happily I decided she still has room for more. Of course her husband said he could stuff some old underwear in the back of each bin to fill it out. (Clean or not, no thanks, Mark!)

We recently got in Judy's Colors Stocking kits and in October we decided to knit stockings at the Thursday night Knit Togethers. I suggested Judy's Colors kits or the Nancy Lindberg stocking pattern for the pattern choices. We carry Nancy's pattern, but I knitted it for my daughter, Katie about 14 years ago. So this time I've decided to knit one of Judy's Colors stockings.

After much mulling, I decided to knit the stocking called Christmas Rose. (I should have saved that one for Rose to knit! Sorry, Rose ...) I got my stitches cast-on this week and have been working on my tension. It's been a couple years since I knitted a Fair-Isle hat for Katie, so my tension isn't perfect. I may rip and start over. Then again, after a good blocking it may not even be an issue!

If you're interested in seeing Judy's Colors Stocking kits and actual samples, come by the shop to see the trunk show of her stockings. We will have them in our shop from Friday, October 2 through Saturday, October 10.