Monday, October 5, 2009

My sad sock story

If you've ever knitted socks for someone, you know that knitting them is a true act of love. That said, my story is sort of a sad one ...

Our nephew Ben got married this year and he and his wife Karie came to Iowa this summer to visit the Iowa side of his family (they live in Los Angeles). So on the Fourth of July we had Ben and Karie over for a cookout and a trip to see fireworks. Prior to the fireworks, we ran by our shop to show it to them. Karie told me she wants to learn how to knit and if I'd had more time I would have crammed in a lesson, but time was far too limited. Anyway, I showed her some socks that I'd made and she told me she would really love some. I told her I would make a pair for her, knowing that in California it still gets cold enough to enjoy wool socks in the winter. Her favorite color is orange, so a week or so after their visit I got in a shipment of sock yarn from Skacel. There was a perfect pattern and color of yarn, so I got started. Within a week or two I'd quickly knitted up a pair of socks for Karie. I wrote her a quick note about all the love that goes into a pair of socks and told her how to care for them. I popped them into a padded mailing envelope and Tim took them to the Post Office to mail. As time went by, I began to wonder if Karie didn't like them, since I hadn't heard from her or Ben. Finally, about two weeks ago Tim sent Ben an email to see how Karie liked the socks. Ben sent a return email that they hadn't gotten the socks yet! (This is where I start to get tears in my eyes!) Over a month had passed since we sent the socks, so it appears they are lost for good. That or one of their neighbors will be enjoying warm feet this winter! Our Post Office said the package may still show up as they sometimes get caught in the equipment, but I'm not going to hold my breath!

This past Friday evening I started another pair of socks for Karie. I even like this yarn better. It's a Trekking XXL sock yarn that is red, orange and hot pink. When it's done I may try to ship it to Karie's office, since she and Ben currently live in an apartment. This time when I write my note to Karie I can tell her that the new pair of socks has double the love knitted into them!


kginphil said...

Nancy, Just to give you a little hope... I mailed a package to our young grandson in Chicago and it took three weeks to get there. The address was correct on the package, postage was correct, and the package looked fine when it arrived. Not sure if it made an around-the-world trip before arriving or what, but don't give up quite yet.

KWhite said...

Dear Aunt Nancy,

I too had tears in my eyes 1) when Ben told me you knitted the socks and sent them and I never received them and 2) when I read your blog about tearing up and the love that goes into knitting.

Thank you for the warm welcome I received in Iowa as well as the warm socks you are knitting.

We are setting up a craft/hobby room in our new house and I look forward to getting back in touch with my crafty side.

I am also reading a book called Friday Night Knitting Club and it reminds me a lot of you and your store. It is a very good read and you might consider it if you haven't read it already.

Lots of love and hugs, Karie