Friday, March 4, 2011

Stripes Alive Sock KAL is ON!

I rushed right to my computer on Tuesday morning and immediately printed off Part 1 of KAL 3, the Stripes Alive sock pattern from Knit Purl Hunter. Rose's comment from my last posting is exactly right, it's like a month long present and you get something new to open every 7 days! I've never done a KAL on the web and it's proving to be lots of fun.

For those of you who haven't joined in, we have more of the March Trekking XXL yarn (you can see what the yarn looks like in the ball at the link above) coming in at the shop, so you can have as much fun as the rest of us. I'm sure it will arrive sometime next week; so far only one is spoken for. Here's a little peek at my sock on the needles...


Rose said...

Your sock is looking good. I am back on track after losing my way knitting at our Thurs. night group last night. Sometimes I just can't chat and knit at the same time very well! I'm looking forward to my next color change.