Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Debbie Macomber's Visit!

At the shop yesterday morning the phone rang and when I answered I heard the woman on the other end of the line say, "Hi Nancy, this is Debbie Macomber." (I've been a fan of hers since I read The Shop On Blossom Street, her first book in the Blossom Street Series. I reviewed it for Knit It! magazine when the publisher sent me a review copy. I loved the story so much ... it helped paint my dreams of owning a yarn store!) Debbie told me she was planning to come visit us at the shop sometime after the lunch hour. She was in town for AVID (Authors Visiting in Des Moines), a program through the Des Moines Public Library. I thought she might come see us, because we had called her publicist and invited Debbie to visit if she had time. Obviously no promises were made, but Debbie does LOVE yarn and visiting yarn stores ... About 2:30 she walked into the shop with Jan from the DM Public Library and Nancy who has worked for Debbie for almost 17 years!

Several of our customers were on hand to greet Debbie. Irene E and her daughter were checking out at the front desk when Debbie walked in, so she was able to have Debbie autograph her copy of The Knitting Diaries (by Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery and Christina Skye).

As you can probably imagine, Debbie is so down to earth. She sat right down on the couch between Dana H and Renee P and took out her knitting (she was working on a vest for her daughter-in-law out of red Cascade 220 Superwash (one of my favorite yarns!). Rose L, Marsha D and Denise B were sitting there knitting, so we had a nice gathering of ladies to chat with Debbie, Jan and Nancy. Being knitters (where every occasion calls for food) we had chocolate chip cookies and also served coconut cream pie (after discovering that Debbie loves anything coconut). After treats we took some pictures with Debbie!

From left to right: Tim, Renee, Dana, Denise, me, Debbie, Rose, and Marsha

Debbie left shortly after we took pictures. Later Rose, Marsha and I went to Hoyt Sherman for the reception and Debbie's talk. What a humble, funny lady! We laughed, knitted, and laughed some more.
Thanks to Debbie we had a memorable day!


heyjenrenee said...

oh wow, so cool! :)