Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Fair Isle Knitting Tip to Try

This is an interesting tip that I just got in a newsletter from the people at The Knit Kit. If you are having problems tackling Fair Isle (2-color knitting) technique, this tip might be helpful! Try it on a small sampler so you can master it first. It seems like trying this in the round on a hat or something even smaller might be easier than doing it in rows.

Worked flat: You will need circular or double-pointed needles to work a flat piece in this technique. Work across the row, knitting every stitch in color A and slipping as if to purl every stitch that is in color B. At the end of the row and without turning, slide the stitches back to the right side needle, pick up color B, work every slipped stitch in color B, slipping the already worked stitches in A.

Work in the round: Simply work all of the color A stitches (slipping as if to purl the stitches that will be color B), then work a second round of color B (slipping as if to purl the stitches that are color A).

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Keep on knitting & crocheting, too!


Carebear said...

I love this tip! Something I've always been a little leery about is knitting the wrong color at the wrong time. I think this would help a lot.