Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Feline Abyss

Now looking at these two, I know what you're thinking. That they have neither the ambition nor the shadiness to be the culprits of the shenanigans to follow, however, let me set you straight.  The other day I was struck by a rare burst of spring cleaning. So I moved all the furniture in the living room to give the carpeting a little extra TLC with the vacuum. Under one chair I found the following: a Christmas tree ornament (so I don't vacuum under the furniture all that often. Big deal, I have other redeeming qualities. I know I do. Don't I?); numerous stitch markers; a toothbrush (NOT MINE! I brush my teeth frequently enough that I would know if my toothbrush was missing.); my pineapple charm necklace I got in Hawaii (now I can quit silently blaming my girls for cobbing my necklace); and a thimble. A thimble? I don't even sew! I got a D+ in sewing in junior high! But I'm not bitter about that grade. I actually use it to my advantage when my husband tells me he has a button that needs sewn back onto a shirt. I just tell him, "No can do-ski. Got a D+ in sewing and I would hate to disappoint 'Old Lady Sturms' with my less-than-stellar sewing skills. Just throw it away and buy a new shirt." And these were just a few of the treasures I found under the chair. And it's as if these two knew I'd found their stash! They shot over to the area like a couple of greased pigs out of a cannon. Hoarders. Mecca for Kitties. Also known as The Feline Abyss. Oh - did I mention I'm not bitter about that D+ in junior high sewing . . .

Happy Knitting!


Lizard P said...

I love those kitties...especially the art puss man! And how in the world did you get a toothbrush down there??