Friday, March 23, 2012

Knitting Up A Storm!

This mostly rainy week has been Spring Break for the kids and families in our school district and my daughter was fortunate enough to get away from our rainy weather for a trip to Sarasota, Florida with a school friend and her parents. She's had nothing but perfect weather for swimming and sunning! (Right now I'm just hoping she doesn't bring a lizard home with her ... )

Since we have the shop we are unable to take week-long trips away. But that being said, why shouldn't I have a little fun too?! All week long Renee and I have been sitting back at our "class" table planning KALs and classes for the next 6 months. You might be asking yourself where the fun is in that. Well, with all that planning I have "homework" of knitting samples for the shop!
Missoni Inspired Baby Blanket in progress
Meandering Mesas Scarf in progress
After just finishing the Hitchhiker sample for the new Friday afternoon KAL, I started a second one using some lovely stash sock yarn. For the upcoming KALs I've also started the Missoni Inspired Baby Blanket this week, as well as a Mountain Colors Scarf called the Meandering Mesas Scarf (a super interesting reversible cable pattern). Both projects are lots of fun, plus simple enough that anyone who has completed a Beginning Knitting Class can join in. The scarf KAL is going to be in May, so while our supply of Mountain Colors Crazyfoot is in good supply, you may want to stop in to purchase a skein soon! (The pattern is for sale here as well, but if we run out of them we can get them back in without a problem.)

I'll have more information about the baby blanket KAL as soon as I've completed my sample. I'm hoping to be able to kit the yarn since it requires a lot of colors (12 to be exact), but not a lot of quantity of most of them!

Keep on knitting!