Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm sort of in a rut ...

I know. I am obsessed with making the sock yarn blanket squares. I'm working on my 41st and will most likely finish it today. It's not that I'm not knitting other things, but forgive me, the squares are MINDLESS! And sometimes mindless is really nice! I only have 22 squares to go and I'm sorting them into piles of like colors. I can see that I need a few more greenish ones and no more pink or purple ones! I have 6 solid or semi-solid squares to knit that will make the whole layout nicer ... even if knitting them will be super boring.

I also need to make sure they are all blocked (as you can see in the picture, a bunch aren't blocked yet). I'm not good about keeping up on that. As far as I'm concerned it's never fun to block and put your knitted pieces together! My plan for assembly is to make a 7 x 9 block grid on paper and number each square on it. Then I'll lay the blocks out until I like the way I have all the colors. I have some string tags that I will number from 1 to 63, and I will attach a string tag to each block, so I can assemble them in strips according to the paper layout.

I don't know how I will attach them together, but have tested a couple of techniques, from crochet to seaming with a yarn needle. If anyone has a great idea for me, please let me know!

Keep on knitting!