Friday, June 8, 2012

My Makeshift Blocking Board

Here's an idea for you (it may not be a new one, but it was new to me ...)! I went to Lowe's on Monday and bought my new "blocking board" for my sock yarn blanket squares. Lowe's sells a package of four 24.5-inch square foam mats. I bought the gray set which are meant to be used for exercise or exercise equipment. (They also carry the same size set in primary colors for kid's playroom floors.)The package was less than $20, and I can configure all four into a square or a long rectangle. I've marked four 7.5-inch squares on the textured side of one of them to block my squares. I think they will be just as handy when I'm trying to plan the layout of the blocks and strips for my blanket, too.

An inexpensive and portable blocking board!

Keep on knitting!


heyjenrenee said...

YES! I have 'borrowed' Lotus' foam mat squares a few times. So great. :)